Berkelah Falls

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Berkelah Falls, seventh tier.

Berkelah Falls is a cascade of waterfalls located in Pahang, Malaysia. It is about 31 to 35 km away from Kuantan City in the direction of Maran. The falls consist of seven tiers, according to official data from the Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia (Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia),[1] but there are actually more tiers above the seventh. The seventh and highest fall reaches an estimated height of 50 metres (3°45'13.31"N, 102°58'47.5"E).

Berkelah Falls, first tier. Viewed from the second tier.
Berkelah Falls, upper second tier, with campsite.
Shallow pool and campsite between second and third tier.
Berkelah Falls, third tier.
Berkelah Falls, fifth tier.

To get there from Kuala Lumpur, one needs to drive along the Karak Highway, then continue on to the East Coast Expressway. Drive 110 km toward Exit 827, Sri Jaya, then turn into the Federal Route 2. Drive in the direction of Kuantan. At kilometre 46, there is a signboard which says "Hutan Lipur Berkelah". Turn left, drive for approximately 5 km, then you will reach a car park designated for campers.

The river and falls were named "Berkelah", because once upon a time ago, there were ikan kelah, or mahseer in the river. The species has suffered a severe population decline, and are now considered threatened, due to habitat loss.

A panoramic photo of the first tier of Berkelah Falls. This area proves popular with families with young children, as it does not require intense jungle trekking.
A panoramic photo of the lower part of the second tier of Berkelah Falls. It looks like a harmless jacuzzi, but the current can be very strong here. One mistake and you'll go plunging 30 m into the first pool (bottom right).
A panoramic photo of Berkelah Falls, just above the third tier.
A panoramic photo of Berkelah Falls.
A panoramic photo of the fourth tier of Berkelah Falls. A very scenic spot with a calm pool, but people rarely swim or dive here, preferring the upper or lower tiers.
A panoramic photo of the sixth tier of Berkelah Falls.


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Coordinates: 3°45′13″N 102°58′47″E / 3.75361°N 102.97972°E / 3.75361; 102.97972