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Berkeley Divinity School, founded in 1854, is an official seminary of the Episcopal Church, based in New Haven, Connecticut. The seminary was originally founded as a middle-way between the Anglo-Catholic leaning General Theological Seminary in New York, and the Evangelical-leaning Virginia Theological Seminary. Although the school began in Middletown, Connecticut, it moved to New Haven in 1928 to take advantage of the resources of Yale University. In 1971 a formal agreement between Yale and Berkeley cemented their bond. Today, all students of Berkeley Divinity School are also students of Yale Divinity School. Approximately one third of Yale Divinity School's students, however, are members of Berkeley. Thus, Berkeley operates as a denominational seminary within an ecumenical divinity school. Students graduating from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale earn both a Masters of Divinity degree from Yale and potentially a Diploma in Anglican Studies from Berkeley certifying that they have received education specific to the Holy Orders of the Episcopal Church.


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