Berlin-Pankow station

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Bahnhof Berlin-Pankow.jpg
Other names Pankow (U-Bahn.svg only)
Location Pankow, Berlin, Berlin
Architect Karl Cornelius and Ernst Schwartz
Other information
Station code 0555
DS100 code BPKW
Category 5
Opened 15 October 1880; 136 years ago (1880-10-15)
U-Bahn.svg: 16 September 2000; 16 years ago (2000-09-16)
Electrified 8 August 1924; 92 years ago (1924-08-08)
Previous names 1880-1883 Pankow
1883-1954 Pankow-Schönhausen
Key dates
1909-1914 current building erected

Berlin-Pankow is a station on the Berlin–Szczecin railway, situated in Berlin's Pankow district. It is served by the S-Bahn lines S2, S8 and S9 and is the northern terminus of the U-Bahn line U2.


Subway station
Pankow station (Hst.) and village, 1894

Pankow is a station on Berlin S-Bahn and Berlin U-Bahn networks. The station is served by the following services:

Berlin S-Bahn[edit]

The station opened on 15 October 1880, south of the former Pankow village. It soon was named Pankow-Schönhausen after the neighbouring Schönhausen Palace. The entrance building was rebuilt in 1911 with the establishment of the suburban railway toward Bernau, which would become the first line of the Berlin S-Bahn on 8 August 1924. The station was renamed Berlin-Pankow in 1954.

These are the railway lines that pass through Pankow station:

Berlin U-Bahn[edit]

Since 1930, when the northern terminus of the U2 U-Bahn line was extended to nearby Pankow (Vinetastraße), an extension towards the Berlin Pankow station had been planned, but no work was carried out until 1997. In October 1997, the "underground station Pankow" was renamed to Vinetastraße. The new terminus was opened on 16 September 2000. The next extension(s) possible after the Pankow will be Pankow Kirche, Ossietzkyplatz and Rosenthaler Weg; these plans have all been considered since June 2003.[citation needed]

The possibility of extending the line to Niederschönhausen was first considered in 1957, and was kept on the drawing board when Berlin was divided into East Berlin and West Berlin, in 1961. The city of Berlin had given the green light to build Pankow station only that is connected to the Berlin S-Bahn on 7 November 1987.[citation needed]

Preceding station   Berlin S-Bahn   Following station
toward Blankenfelde
toward Bernau
toward Zeuthen
toward Birkenwerder
Terminus S9
Preceding station   Berlin U-Bahn   Following station
towards Ruhleben
U2 Terminus

Coordinates: 52°34′00″N 13°24′40″E / 52.56667°N 13.41111°E / 52.56667; 13.41111