Berlin Atonal Vol. 2

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Berlin Atonal Vol. 2
Live album by Psychic TV & La Loora
Released 1984

Berlin Atonal Vol. 2 is a split 12" vinyl between Psychic TV and La Loora.

Both sides are live performances. The Psychic TV set came from their performance at Berlin Atonal on December 2, 1983. The rest of the Psychic TV set from this date can be found on Berlin Atonal Vol. 1.

Liner notes[edit]

Side One: For the realisation of this project PSYCHIC TV were: Alex Fergusson, Peter Christopherson, Paula and Genesis P-Orridge, John Gosling. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purly coincidental. This music is dedicated to the New Sexuality and New Television of Thee Temple Ov Psychic Youth.

Recorded at the Berlin Atonal Festival on Friday 2 December 1983

Side Two: LA LOORA - Perhaps five or six minutes In this even LL was supported by Immanuel sax, John - guitar, Stefan - keyboard, Fukking - console, W. Gramming - puppets.

Track listing[edit]

Side A

  1. Psychic TV: "Papacy"
  2. Psychic TV: "Unclean"
  3. Psychic TV: "God's Blood"
  4. Psychic TV: "New Will"

Side B

  1. La Loora: "14th Is Next"
  2. La Loora: "Ref"
  3. La Loora: "In The Night"
  4. La Loora: "Swing"
  5. La Loora: "Quiet Song"