Berlin Brandenburger Tor station

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Berlin Brandenburger Tor
Formerly known as Berlin Unter den Linden

Bahnhof Berlin Brandenburger Tor
Hp Berlin Brandenburger Tor (S-Bahn) 1.jpg
Seats and sign with the station's current name (Brandenburger Tor) on the station's S-Bahn platforms.
The station's old name (Unter den Linden) can be seen on the station's wall.
Location Mitte, Berlin
Platforms 4
S-bahn: 2 (1 island platform)
U-bahn: 2 (1 island platform, of which 1 is not in use)
Tracks 4 (1 not in use)
Other information
Station code 6340
DS100 code BUDL
Category 4
Opened 27 July 1936 (First opening)
2 December 1946 (Second opening)
1 September 1990 (Third opening)
Closed 21 April 1945 (First closing)
13 August 1961 (Second closing)

Berlin Brandenburger Tor (in German Bahnhof Berlin Brandenburger Tor) – formerly Berlin Unter den Linden – is an underground railway station in the central Mitte district of Berlin, Germany, located on the Unter den Linden boulevard near Hotel Adlon, Pariser Platz and Brandenburg Gate. It is served by the Berlin S-Bahn and U-Bahn, as well as local bus lines.


Historical station sign of 1936

The station opened on 27 July 1936 in the course of the building of the Nord-Süd Bahn tunnel. Train service discontinued on 21 April 1945 and could not be resumed until 2 December 1946 as the tunnel was flooded. The station was again closed with the construction of the Berlin Wall on 13 August 1961 and for decades became one of Berlin's ghost stations, as while both terminals of the Nord-Süd railway line were located in West Berlin, the station itself was located in the East. Unter den Linden later reopened on 1 September 1990, following the German reunification.

On completion of the new U55 line of the Berlin U-Bahn from Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the U-bahn station started operations as its temporary southern terminus and as an interchange with the Nord Süd S-Bahn lines. Both the U-Bahn and the S-Bahn station have been renamed Brandenburger Tor in 2009 to distinguish them from a further planned U-Bahn station at the junction of Unter den Linden with the Friedrichstraße.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°30′59″N 13°22′51″E / 52.51639°N 13.38083°E / 52.51639; 13.38083