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Berlin Opera may refers to one of the three opera houses in Berlin, Germany:

  • Staatsoper Unter den Linden (State Opera Unter den Linden), opened in 1742 as Königliche Hofoper (Royal Court Opera), sometimes also known as Lindenoper (Linden Opera), renamed State Opera in 1918, destroyed during World War II; rebuilt in 1955, renamed Deutsche Staatsoper (German State Opera) by the East Berlin officials in charge of the opera house at that time; following the German Reunification, the old name Staatsoper Unter den Linden was adopted again. The Unter den Linden venue was closed for renovation in 2010, with performances taking place at Schillertheater instead. It was originally due to reopen in 2013 but as of early 2014 was scheduled to reopen in mid-2015
  • Deutsche Oper Berlin (German Opera Berlin), opened in 1912 as Deutsches Opernhaus (German Opera House), renamed Städtische Oper (Metropolitan Opera) in 1925, destroyed in World War II. Performances took place at Theater des Westens until the newly built opera house (second largest in Germany) opened in 1961, now called Deutsche Oper Berlin, serving as the only opera house for West Berlin
  • Komische Oper Berlin (Comical Opera Berlin), opened in 1892 as Theater Unter den Linden, in 1898 renamed Metropol Theater; destroyed in World War II, re-founded as Komische Oper Berlin in 1947, rebuilt in 1966

Additionally, the term may refer to the Krolloper (Kroll Opera House), which was founded in 1849, rebuilt in 1895 following a fire as Neues Königliches Operntheater (New Royal Opera Theatre), later known as Krolloper; it served as seat for the Reichstag following the Reichstag Fire in 1933 (especially ratification of the Enabling Act), and was destroyed in World War II; it has not been rebuilt