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Berlin Short Film Festival
LocationBerlin, Germany
WebsiteOfficial Website

Berlin Short Film Festival is a film festival with a special emphasis on independent short films, which annually takes place in Berlin, Germany. It screens German and international short films with a runtime under 50 minutes and awards them in various categories.[1]


The festival was founded in 2014 and takes place at historic Babylon cinema in Berlin[2] The selection of the festival is international, and it awards films in eight categories.[3] Many international filmmakers attend the event, and foreign language films are usually screened with English subtitles due to the international audience.[4]



  • Best Short Film: Endangered Species (Director: Ira Schneider)
  • Best Short Documentary: Above & Below: Galapagos National Park (Directors: Florian Fischer, Michael Kugler)
  • Best Short Short Film: Clairvoyance (Director: Hiroki Yokoyama)
  • Best Sci-Fi Short Film: The Long Slow Flight of the Ashbot (Director: Colin West McDonald)
  • Best Horror Short Film: The Graveyard Shift (Director: Peter Feysa)
  • Best Experimental Short Film: conform! (Directors: Alexander Bobenko, Charles Gunn)
  • Best Comedy Short Film: The Critic (Director: Alexander Tuschinski)
  • Best Music Video: IceTruckFuckHardcore (Directors: Johannes Lohmann, Christoph Hertel)


  • Best Short Film: Too Bad (Director: Lorenzo Berghella)
  • Best German Short Film: Roughtown (Director: Gabriele Heberling)
  • Best Short Documentary: Shakespeare’s Intermission (Director: Diana Nilles)
  • Best Sci-Fi/Horror Short Film: O (Director: July Allard)
  • Best Experimental Short Film: Frollein Frappe (Director: Vanessa Aab)
  • Best Short Short Film: Interior (Director: Immanuel Esser)
  • Best Music Video: Seduction (Director: Parker Ellerman)


Friends of short films may rejoice: Inside the Babylon, "Berlin Short Film Festival" showcases (...) the best short films of Europe.

— Sebastian Bauer, article in B.Z.[7]

It’s a big chance to talk about short movies far away from the established industry, a great opportunity of getting new input. But there’s also a big focus on networking and building a big community.

— Article in Kaltblut Magazine, 2015.[8]

BSFF offers Berliners and visitors an extraordinary chance to glimpse the future of cinema.

— Article on homepage of Babylon cinema, 2014.[9]


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