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Yorckstraße (Großgörschenstraße) S-Bahn station, platforms and tracks
LocationTempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin
  • 2: Yorckstraße
  • 2: Yorckstraße (Großgörschenstraße)
Disabled accessno
ArchitectKarl Cornelius (station on Anhalt Railway)
Other information
Station code6967
DS100 code
  • BYOR: Yorckstraße
  • BGGS: Yorckstraße (Großgörschenstraße)[1]
  • 8089050: Yorckstraße
  • 8089051: Yorckstraße (Großgörschenstraße)
  • Category4[2]
    Fare zoneBerlin A
    • 1 October 1891 old station on Wannsee Railway
    • 1 May 1903 station on Anhalt Railway
    • 9 October 1939 new station on Wannsee Railway
    • 1971 U-Bahn station

    Berlin Yorckstraße (German: Bahnhof Berlin Yorckstraße) is an S-Bahn and U-Bahn station located in the Schöneberg locality of central Berlin, Germany.


    The eponymous street is named after Generalfeldmarschall Ludwig Yorck von Wartenburg. Bahnhof Yorckstraße consists of two neighbouring S-Bahn stations and an underground station:

    Yorckstraße (Großgörschenstraße) entrance buildings

    The western Yorckstraße (Großgörschenstraße) S-Bahn station on the S1 line (DS100: BGGS) was opened as Großgörschenstraße in 1891 with the new Wannseebahn rapid transit line running from Potsdamer Bahnhof to Wannsee. Originally located south of the small Großgörschenstraße the platform was demolished and shifted northwards to its current position at the Yorckstraße with the opening of the Nord-Süd Bahn tunnel in 1939. As the "Germania" plans included a general reorganization of Berlin's railway system, only a provisional station with wooden pillars was erected that nevertheless persists until today.

    Yorckstraße S2/S25/S26, entrance on Yorckstraße road
    Yorckstraße U7, exit towards Yorckstraße (Großgörschenstraße) S1 (above); platform U7 (below)

    The eastern Yorckstraße S-Bahn station at the S2/S25/S26 line, opened in 1903 on the Anhalter Bahn and Dresdener Bahn line departing from Anhalter Bahnhof.

    The adjacent Yorckstraße U-Bahn station of the U7 was built in 1971 by R.G. Rümmler. The underground station has two exits one each to one of the two S-Bahn stations, else only connected by bus (only in eastward direction) or by a little walk. The next underground station in eastward direction is Möckernbrücke (change here for U1)[3]


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    Map showing the three stations on Yorckstraße
    Preceding station   Berlin S-Bahn   Following station
    toward Wannsee
    S 1
    toward Oranienburg
    toward Blankenfelde
    S 2
    toward Bernau
    toward Teltow Stadt
    S 25
    toward Hennigsdorf
    toward Teltow Stadt
    S 26
    Preceding station   Berlin U-Bahn   Following station
    U 7
    towards Rudow

    Coordinates: 52°29′32″N 13°22′04″E / 52.49222°N 13.36778°E / 52.49222; 13.36778