Berliner Straße (Berlin U-Bahn)

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For other uses, see Berliner Strasse.
U-Bahn station Berliner Straße

Berliner Straße is a Berlin U-Bahn station located on the U7 and on the U9.


Platform of the U7
Platform of the U9

Opened in 1971 (architect R.G.Rümmler) as an important crosspoint between line U7 and U9. Both stations are covered with red panels on the walls.

Only 7m beyond the street there is the platform of the U9. It is on both sides of a highway tunnel, so passengers can only pass to the other direction through an exit on the north. As this station is an important transfer station the amount of passengers is very high. Only 5m beyond the U9 platform there is the platform of the U7. On U7, the next station Bayerischer Platz (change here for U4) or Blissestraße. On U9, the next stop is Güntzelstraße or Bundesplatz (Change here for S-bahn).[1]


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towards Rudow

Coordinates: 52°29′15″N 13°19′52″E / 52.48750°N 13.33111°E / 52.48750; 13.33111