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Bermudez Foundation Organization
Bermudez Scholar Foundation.png
Logo of the Bermudez Scholar Foundation.
Abbreviation BSF
Formation August 20, 2010
Legal status Foundation
Purpose Non-profit
Headquarters Berkeley, CA
  • Northern and Southern California Offices
Region served
5 major companies and 40 professionals
Official language
English and Spanish
  • Rolando J. Bermúdez
Main organ
Board of Directors
Parent organization
Bermúdez Enterprise

Bermudez Foundation Organization(BSF) is an organization dedicated in helping high school students achieve success in their future careers. The organization is committed to help students find the necessary resources to achieve success in college careers. The foundation awards money every month to high school students who show leadership in academics and in the community. In addition, it also provides help to those students who seek advice for high school, college, and life success.[1]


The Bermúdez Foundation Organization was officially first organized in Boston, Massachusetts. Rolando J. Bermúdez formed the organization in the summer of 2010 while he completed research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) The organization was officially registered with the IRS on August, 2010. Between the months of June and August, Rolando fund-raised more than $10,000 from companies around the east coast. Within four months, the organization received an extra $5,000 from other private donors. The organization gained popularity when Rolando came back to Berkeley, CA to continue his studies at the University of California, Berkeley. On the month of September and October, more than 50 members joined the organization (professionals and volunteers).


The Founder of the foundation, Rolando J. Bermúdez, thought of creating the organization when he was a freshman at UC, Berkeley. The idea came from his nontraditional experience of growing in the United States as an immigrant. The business plan for the organization was initially written during the year of 2009 but was finalized on May, 2010. The organization still going under development to register as a 501(c)(3).

Future Plans[edit]

The Foundation is currently undergoing major re-structure in its Programs' division. When it was founded in 2010, the organization only focus on scholarships. However, on recent months, more resources and activity planning have been placed on programs for high school students. The organization has scheduled to open its programs to students on May, 2011.

Awards and Major Donations[edit]

Date Award Amount Category Company
April, 2011 $1,500 Big Ideas @ Berkeley Award[2] UC Berkeley
December, 2010 $3,000 Donation Perquo Inc
October, 2010 $3,000 Donation Nike
August, 2010 $2,000 Donation Jacobson Inc.

Board of directors[edit]

The non-profit organizational chart consists of a board of directors, a president, and its members. There are three members of the board of directors, one president (chair of the board of directors) and currently more than 50 members.

Cofounder and President[edit]

(Rolando J. Bermúdez)

Rolando J. Bermúdez envisioned this organization more than two years ago and after months of organization, he founded in 2010 what is now known as the Bermúdez Scholar Foundation. He was born and raised in a low-income family in Michoacán, Mexico. He grew up in a very supportive and loving family. However, access to education was always a challenge at a young age. Then, he immigrated to the United States at the age of twelve and with the help of friends and family he was able to get accepted at the University of California, Berkeley as an engineer.[3]

In spite of the fact that his career in college does not relate to promoting education, non-profits, or humanitarianism, he tries to get involved as much as possible in programs that allow him contribute to the community. As many other students of his age and/or background, he didn't have the resources to have a comfortable or stable high school experience. Even though he is still a student in college, he wants to help younger students that were once in his position. He understand that many students have the potential to succeed but unfair unforeseen conditions might not allow them to succeed in their lives.

His organization offers more than just counseling or scholarships, it offers a new windows of opportunities through the network of supporters, volunteers, and professional committed to the same goal. His main core beliefs for the future of students are embedded to the organization's core values. Rolando as well as team members will always be enforce those values throughout the life of this organization.


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