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View of Bermondsey from Eglinton Avenue and Bermondsey Road
View of Bermondsey from Eglinton Avenue and Bermondsey Road
Bermondsey map.png
Coordinates: 43°41′44″N 79°27′00″W / 43.69556°N 79.45000°W / 43.69556; -79.45000
Country Canada
Province Ontario
CityToronto Toronto

Bermondsey is an industrial area in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It covers a rough triangle with the Don Valley to the west, Eglinton Avenue to the northeast and O'Connor Drive to the southeast. It straddles the border of the former cities of North York and East York. The area is named after Bermondsey Drive that runs through the centre of the district.


As trucks replaced trains and ships as the main method for transporting goods, industries in Toronto no longer needed to be placed near to rail lines or the harbour. As a result a number of industrial areas developed in the Toronto suburbs during the 1950s and 1960s. Bermondsey was one of these, as was the Golden Mile located a short distance to the east.[1]

In recent decades the area has steadily lost businesses. While manufacturing has declined in general in Ontario, the smaller, older, buildings and infrastructure of the area are also less attractive to industry than newer industrial areas in areas such as Vaughan.[2]

The area today is home to some 200 firms employing a total of some 7,000 people. About half work in manufacturing, with the others in offices, retail, warehouses and non-profit. The largest employer in the area is the Peek Freans cookie factory. Other major employers in the area are Habitat for Humanity Toronto and its Habitat Toronto ReStore, Epitome Pictures, Bell Canada and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation. There are also a number of clothing and electronics companies in the area.[3] It is also the location of Metropolitan Preparatory Academy. In April 2013, a facility on Curity Avenue became the new home of The Model Railroad Club of Toronto.

List of businesses on Bermondsey[edit]


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Coordinates: 43°43′01″N 79°18′43″W / 43.717°N 79.312°W / 43.717; -79.312