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Bermuda, Islands of Bermuda, or The Somers Isles is an Atlantic archipelago, a British Overseas Territory, and formerly part of Virginia.

Bermuda may also refer to:



United States[edit]

Thousands of Bermudians emigrated to North America in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, especially to the South-East. These emigres left the name of the archipelago on many parts of the modern United States of America.

Outside United States[edit]

  • Bermuda, Warwickshire, a village in England, named after a former Governor of the island of Bermuda
  • Bermuda Triangle, a fantastical region of the Atlantic, roughly between Bermuda, Florida, and the West Indies


  • Juniperus bermudiana, a juniper tree endemic to Bermuda, known as Bermuda cedar
  • Bermudiana, a flowering plant endemic to Bermuda, belonging to the Sisyrinchium genus
  • Cynodon dactylon, or Bermuda grass, a fast-growing Mediterranean grass best suited for warm climates
  • Lilium longiflorum, known as the Easter lily, or the Bermuda lily
  • Bermuda Onion, any of several varieties of mild-flavored onions shaped like a flattened sphere


  • Bermuda sloop, a type of sailing vessel originating in the island equipped with gaff or Bermuda rig. Also used for modern sloops with Bermuda rig.
  • Bermuda rig, a form of rigging for boats and small ships
  • HMS Bermuda, seven ships of the Royal Navy named after the island

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