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The Bermuda Broadcasting Company is the largest broadcasting company in Bermuda. Sometimes abbreviated locally as "BBC", it is not related to the BBC, a public broadcaster in the United Kingdom. A commercial, for-profit broadcasting company since its beginning in the 1950s, the chairman is Fernance B. Perry.

The Bermuda Broadcasting Company owns radio stations and TV stations using the call letters "ZFB" and "ZBM".[1] The ZBM callsign in particular is one of the oldest in Bermuda - this callsign has been used since 1953 for an AM radio station, since 1962 for an FM radio station, and was also used, beginning in 1958, for the first Bermudian television station, which gave Bermudians their own TV station after years of watching a TV channel intended for American servicemen stationed at Kindley Field. ZFB was originally the callsign for the radio and TV stations of the Capital Broadcasting Company from 1965 to 1984.

In 2008, in the wake of labour unrest and amidst a staff shake-up at the broadcasting company, Fernance Perry told the Royal Gazette that the firm's future outlook is "bright".[2] The following year, a strike by 40 unionised employees in April 2009, halted all programming at the company's radio and television stations for four days. Perry said that changes in work rules and staff pay were needed "to help a financially ailing company". The work stoppage was settled and normal operations resumed on April 21, after government mediation.[3]


  • Bermuda Spirit, formerly ZFB, on 1230 kHz (transmitter power: 1 kW),[4] local, religious, adult contemporary mix
  • ZFB-FM (as "Power95 Stereo FM") on 94.9 MHz (ERP: 1 kW) since 1971, urban/reggae format
  • ZBM on 1340 kHz (transmitter power: 1 kW) beginning in 1953,[4] mostly news/talk format, with some music programming
  • ZBM-FM (as "FM89") on 89.1 MHz (ERP: 15 kW) since 1962,[4] predominantly adult contemporary format.[1]


  • ZFB-TV, virtual channel 20.2 (UHF digital channel 20), is the affiliate station for ABC; however, when ZFB used to be part of the Capital Broadcasting Company, the TV station broadcast on ch. 8.
  • ZBM-TV, virtual channel 20.1 (UHF digital channel 20), is the affiliate station for CBS; however, when ZBM originally began broadcasting in 1958, it used to be on ch. 10. Both channels are carried on Bermuda cable television.


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