Bern Street Circuit

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Bern Street Circuit
Bern Street Circuit.svg
LocationBern, Switzerland
Time zoneUTC +1:00
Major eventsFormula E 2019–
Length2.668 km (1.657 mi)
Race lap record1:21.240 (António Félix da Costa, Andretti-BMW, 2019)

The Bern Street Circuit is a street circuit located in the Swiss capital of Bern and is currently used for the Swiss ePrix of the Formula E Championship, which the circuit hosted for the first time on 22 June 2019.[1]


The Bern Street Circuit is the only circuit on the Formula E calendar that necessitates an uphill start, and features turns and roads with uneven camber from left to right, the steepest downhill section on the entire calendar, as well as a live bear pit, though the bears would be absent during race time.


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