Bernadette Szőcs

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Bernadette Szőcs
Bernardette Szocs 2017.jpg
Szőcs at Europe Top-16 Antibes 2017
Personal information
Full name Bernadette-Cynthia Szőcs
Nickname(s) Bernie
Nationality Romanian
Residence Bistrița, Romania[1]
Born (1995-03-05) March 5, 1995 (age 23)
Târgu Mureş, Romania
Playing style Right-handed, shakehand grip[2]
Equipment(s) Tibhar
Height 1.59 m (5 ft 3 in)[2]
Weight 48 kg (106 lb)[2]

Bernadette-Cynthia Szőcs (Hungarian: [ˈbɛrnɒdɛtt ˈsøːt͡ʃ]; born March 5, 1995 in Târgu Mureş)[3] is a Romanian professional table tennis player of Hungarian descent. In February 2010, due to the lack of financial support in Romania, Szőcs was about to move to and compete for Norway. According to her parents, they invested a big amount of money to ensure that Bernadette has the best possible competition program. However, at the other end, they did not receive any support from the national association or the sponsors.[4] Szőcs finally remained in Romania, although the financial problems were not solved. In September 2011, she traveled to Argentina for the World Junior Circuit event at her own expense, as the Romanian Table Tennis Federation refused to pay the trip due to lack of funds. This, however, did not pull back Bernadette, who went on to win the tournament, and by doing so she overtook Kasumi Ishikawa to reach the top spot in the competition series.[5]

In July 2012, she was ranked 5th in the ITTF World Junior Circuit.[6]


Szőcs comes from the Hungarian minority in Romania.[7] She has an older brother, Hunor, who is also a table tennis player. Their father and manager, János Szőcs, plays on keyboard in the rock band Autostop MS.[5]


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