Bernadetto de' Medici

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Giorgio Vasari, Bernardetto de' Medici's portrait, Bode Museum.

Bernadetto de' Medici (died after 1576) was an Italian patrician who moved from Florence to Naples.


A member of a cadet branch of the Medici family (the one later called the Princes of Ottajano), he was the son of Ottaviano de' Medici and Bartholomea Giugni. In 1559, he married Giulia de' Medici, the illegitimate daughter of Duke Alessandro de' Medici (22 July 1510 – 6 January 1536/37) by Taddea Malespina.

In 1567, he bought the seigniory of Ottaiano in the Kingdom of Naples and moved there, probably due to strife with Grand Duke Cosimo I. He died in Naples after 1576.

His son Alessandro (died 1606) was Lord of Ottaiano and General of the Papal States. His descendants unsuccessfully claimed the title of Grand Duke of Tuscany after the extinction of the main branch of the Medici family.

Italian nobility
Preceded by
new creation
Signor of Ottajano
1567 – 1576
Succeeded by
Alessandro, Signor of Ottaiano