Bernal, Querétaro

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Ma'hando  (Otomi)
Bernal and the Peña de Bernal
Bernal and the Peña de Bernal
Country  Mexico
State Querétaro
Municipality Ezequiel Montes
Founded 1647
 • Total 2,909
Time zone CST (UTC-6)

San Sebastián Bernal (Otomi: Ma'hando), better known as Bernal (Spanish About this sound [berna'l] ) (from Basque Vernal, 'place of stones or boulders'), is a colonial village in the Mexican state of Querétaro. It was founded in 1642 by Spanish soldier Alonso Cabrera.[1]

Peña de Bernal
Street in Bernal Town.

Bernal is located 40 minutes by road from state capital Santiago de Querétaro and two and a half hours from Mexico City.[2] It is located in Ezequiel Montes municipality, a few minutes from Colón and Cadereyta.[2]

It has a current population of 2909. 1377 are males and 1532 are females. 1014 persons are counted as Economic Active Population and there are only 630 inhabited homes in town.[3]

It is known for its enormous monolith of massive rock, the Peña de Bernal, the third highest on the planet.[2]

Likewise, in the Otomi language: Ma'hando, in Chichimeca: De'hendo, has the same meaning: “In the middle of two”.[1]

Recently, the town of Bernal acquired the title of Pueblo Mágico ("Magical Town"). The Magical Towns are admitted for being localities that have magic symbolic attributes, legends, history, transcendental facts, that associate in each of his cultural manifestations, and that today mean a great opportunity for tourism.[2]


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Coordinates: 20°44′20″N 99°56′24″W / 20.73889°N 99.94000°W / 20.73889; -99.94000