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The Bernal Lecture[1] was an annual lecture on the social function of science organised by the Royal Society of London and endowed by Professor John Desmond Bernal. It was last delivered in 2004, after which it was merged with the Wilkins Lecture and Medawar Lecture to form the Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Lecture.[2]

List of lecturers[edit]

Year Name Lecture Notes
1971 Ashby, EricEric Ashby Science and Antiscience.
1974 Waddington, Conrad HalConrad Hal Waddington The new Atlantis revisited.
1977 Kapitza, Piotr LeonidovichPiotr Leonidovich Kapitza Scientific and social approaches for the solution of global problems.
1980 Smith, John MaynardJohn Maynard Smith Science, ideology and myth.
1983 Ziman, JohnJohn Ziman The collectivization of science.
1986 Bodmer, WalterWalter Bodmer The public understanding of science.
1989 Perry, WalterWalter Perry Science and education.
1992 Jeffreys, AlecAlec Jeffreys Molecular sleuthing: the story of DNA fingerprinting. (Sci. publ. Affairs Autumn 1993, 24.) (Delivered in 1993 in London and Keele.)
1995 Stewart, WilliamWilliam Stewart UK Science and Technology policy: a perspective from the past, a vision for the future. (Sci. publ. Affairs, Spring 1996.) (Delivered in London and Dundee.)
1998 Blundell, TomTom Blundell The networking of academic and industrial research: the UK phenomenon. (Delivered in London and York.)
2001 Mackay, Alan LindsayAlan Lindsay Mackay JD Bernal: his legacy to science and to society (Delivered in London.).
2004 Crumpton, Michael JosephMichael Joseph Crumpton Are low-frequency environmental fields a health hazard?


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