Bernard Delfgaauw

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Bernard Delfgaauw
Bernard Delfgaauw (1975)
Born 24 November 1912
Died 20 August 1993 (aged 80)
Era 20th-century
Region Western philosophy
School Neo-Thomism

Bernardus Maria Ignatius "Bernard" Delfgaauw (24 November 1912 in Amsterdam – 20 August 1993) was a Dutch philosopher.

He studied Dutch language, history, philosophy, and Hebrew language at the University of Amsterdam.[1]

In 1947 he got his doctoral degree in philosophy.[1]

In 1961 he became a professor in philosophy at the University of Groningen.[1]

During the Vietnam War it was legally proscribed in the Netherlands to say that president Johnson was a killer. In 1967 Bernard Delfgaauw said at a symposium: "Measured by criteria used in Nuremberg and Tokyo, Johnson, his staff members, and generals are war criminals."[2]


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  • Bernard Delfgaauw et al.: Evolutie en de filosofie, de biologie, de kosmos Utrecht 1967


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