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Self Portrait, graphite pencil, 1983

Bernard Dumaine (born August 20, 1953 in Angoulême, France) is a French artist best known for his work in photorealism and surrealism styles and for his background designs[1] for television cartoons. He works in a variety of media, including oil paints, acrylic paints, graphite pencil, digital painting, digital collage, and video.

Life and work[edit]

He graduated in sculpture with a mention for drawing in 1977 in Angers ( Maine et Loire, France ). Many single and group exhibitions followed, both locally and internationally. His early work included drawings in the style of photorealist and surrealist oil paintings.

Fond et la forme, oil on canvas, 1983

He is currently working mostly in digital media,[2] oil paints, and pencil. He is also doing Exquisite corpse works[3] in collaboration with many artists internationally,[4] and these collaborative works have recently been exhibited in galleries across France.[5]

He has a DeviantArt page which also contains a link to this Wikipedia page.

Doigt, oil on canvas, 2000
No Man's Land, oil on canvas, 2002
Search 02, digital painting
Untitled, digital painting exquisite corpse with Pinina Podesta, 2005

Group exhibitions[edit]

"Painting with pixels" - Cork Gallery, New York City, USA (2004)[6]

"32 bit Connection" - Museumsquartier (MQ), Vienna - Austria (2004)[7]

International Surrealist Show 2006 - Spencer, Iowa[8]

"Chimeria" - Sedan, France 2009[9]

Energy Art Salon 2010 - Chicago, USA[10]

Museu Brasileiro da Escultura - São Paulo, Brazil "Toyart" (2011)[11]

Collettiva Surrealista "Linguaggi d'Arte" (2011) - Floridia, Italy[12]

"Imagining science" - University of Reading (UK) (2013) - Exquisite corpses with Sally Hunter and Immy Smith

"Symbols and archetypes" - Dedalus Studi, Teramo, Italy (2013)[13]

"Luci e Ombre, Tribute to H.R. Giger" Teramo, Italy (2015)[14]

"Book Launch and Psychedelic Art Gallery" The Bently Reserve, San Francisco, CA (2015) [15]

"The resurrection of the Exquisite Corpse" Artworks, Richmond, VA, United States (2015) [16]

"Metamorphosis", Ripattoni in Arte, Palazzo Saliceti, Teramo, Italy (2016)

"Grand Opening", Phaneros Gallery, Nevada City, CA, USA (2017)

"Phaneros Family Campout", Nevada City, CA, USA (2017)

" Mainstreet Art Gallery" Dordrecht, The Netherlands (2019)

Personal exhibitions[edit]

"Séries" - Galerie Rivaud, Poitiers, France (2014)[17]

"Dreaming Deep" - Healdsburg, CA, USA ( March 2019 )[18]


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