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Bernard Genoud (22 February 1942 – 21 September 2010) was the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg from his appointment on 18 March 1999, until his death on 21 September 2010.[1] He was consecrated bishop on 24 May 1999.[1] In 2008, Bishop Genoud publicly asked Swiss Catholics for forgiveness during the priest sex abuse scandal in the country.[2]

Bernard Genoud was born on 22 February 1942 in Châtel-Saint-Denis, Switzerland.[2] He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1968. Bishop Genoud died on 21 September 2010 from lung cancer at a hospice in Fribourg, Switzerland, at the age of 68.[2] His funeral was held at the Fribourg Cathedral on 25 September 2010.[2]

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