Bernard I William of Gascony

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Bernard I William (Basque: Bernart Gilen, French: Bernard Guillaume, Gascon: Bernat Guilhem, Latin: Bernardus Willielmus, Spanish: Bernardo Guillén; died after 3 April 1009[1]) was the Duke of Gascony[2] from 996 or 997 to his death.

He was the eldest son of William II Sánchez and Urraca of Navarre and elder brother of Sancho William, who succeeded him. According to Ademar of Chabannes, his death was due to "womanly plots."[3]


  1. ^ Some sources say on Christmas Day.
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  3. ^ Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Medievalis, vol. 129, book III, chapter 38, p 160. At Bernardo, insidiis muliebribus, maleficis artibus corpore fatescente, vitae privato, Santius, frater eius, dux Wasconum extitit. Chronique, III, 39, p 250. Bernard, privé de la vie par des intrigues féminines, la santé ruinée par de néfastes artifices, Sanche, son frère, devint duc de Gascogne. Translation: "Bernard, deprived of life by feminine intrigues, his health ruined by harmful arts; Sancho, his brother, came to be duke of Gascony."


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