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Bernard Lloyd (born 30 January 1934) is a Welsh actor noted for his television roles.[1] He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and he has performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Perhaps his most famous role is as The Traveller, the man who tries to unravel signalman Denholm Elliott's predicament in the 1976 Ghost Story for Christmas "The SignalMan".[2] He also played William Holman Hunt in the 1975 Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood drama The Love School.

Beginning his TV career in Redcap in 1965, he has played roles in Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil, Inspector Morse, Agatha Christie's Poirot and Lewis. He also performed as Jacob Marley's ghost in the 1999 television film adaptation of A Christmas Carol. In 2009 he played the role of the archbishop in feature film The Young Victoria.[1]


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