Bernard Price Memorial Lecture

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The Bernard Price Memorial Lecture is the premier annual lecture of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers. It is of general scientific or engineering interest and is given by an invited guest, often from overseas, at several of the major centres on South Africa. The main lecture and accompanying dinner are usually held at the University of Witwatersrand and it is also presented in the space of one week at other centres, typically Cape Town, Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth.

The Lecture is named in memory of the eminent electrical engineer Bernard Price. The first Lecture was held in 1951 and it has occurred as an annual event ever since.


1951 Basil Schonland

1952 A M Jacobs

1953 H J Van Eck

1954 J M Meek

1955 F R N Nabarro

1956 A L Hales

1957 P G Game

1958 Colin Cherry

1959 Thomas Allibone

1960 M G Say

1961 Willis Jackson

1963 W R Stevens

1964 William Pickering

1965 G H Rawcliffe

1966 Harold Bishop

1967 Eric Eastwood

1968 F J Lane

1969 A H Reeves[1]

1970 Andrew R Cooper

1971 H L Haslegrave

1972 W J Bray

1973 R Noser

1974 D Kind

1975 L Kirchmayer

1976 S Jones

1977 J Johnson

1978 T G E Cockbain

1979 A R Hileman

1980 James Redmond

1981 L M Muntzing

1982 K F Raby

1983 R Isermann

1984 M N John

1985 J W L de Villiers

1986 Derek Roberts

1987 Wolfram Boeck

1988 Karl Gehring

1989 Leonard Sagan

1990 GKF Heyner

1991 P S Blythin

1992 P M Neches

1993 P Radley

1994 P R Rosen

1995 F P Sioshansi

1996 J Taylor

1997 M Chamia

1998 C Gellings

1999 M W Kennedy

2000 John Midwinter

2001 Pragasen Pillay

2002 Polina Bayvel

2003 Case Rijsdijk

2004 Frank Larkins

2005 Igor Aleksander[2]

2006 Kevin Warwick[3]

2007 Skip Hatfield[4]

2008 Sami Solanki[5]

2009 William Gruver[6]

2010 Glenn Ricart[7]

2011 Philippe Paelinck

2012 Nick Frydas[8]

2013 Vint Cerf[9]

2014 Ian Jandrell[10]

2015 Saurabh Sinha[11]

2016 Tshilidzi Marwala [12]