Bernard Ryosuke Inagaki

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Bernard Ryosuke Inagaki
Born Inagaki Ryōsuke
November 27, 1928
Saga Prefecture
Other names Ryōsuke Inagaki
Era Middle Ages, Renaissance
Region Western philosophy
School Scholasticism, Thomism
Main interests
Metaphysics, Natural Philosophy, Jurisprudence, Philosophy of Law, Theology

Bernard Ryosuke Inagaki (ca. 1928– ) is a Japanese philosopher and renowned scholar of Thomas Aquinas. He has written extensively on medieval philosophy, scholastic philosophy, and philosophy of law; while he is known as one of the leading members for the Japanese translation of Summa Theologiæ. A number of his works are dedicated to the study of Thomas Aquinas. He received Mainichi Shuppan Bunka Shō (Mainichi Publishing Prize for Culture) for the translation of Summa Theologiæ in 2013[1] and the Watsuji Tetsurō Bunka Shō (Watsuji Tetsurō Prise) for his Thomas Aquinas: Metaphysics of Existence in 2015.[2]


Inagaki graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1951 and finished his PhD in philosophy at the Catholic University of America in 1955. After teaching philosophy at Nanzan University, Kyushu University, and Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University, he became a professor of humanities at the Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University. He claims that his work has been greatly influenced by the study of Aquinas in Étienne Gilson and Jacques Maritain.


Books in Japanese

  • (1961) Philosophy of Common Good in Thomas Aquinas: Persona and Society (トマス・アクィナスの共通善思想 人格と社会)
  • (1970, 1990, 2000) An Investigation of Philosophy in Thomas Aquinas (トマス・アクィナス哲学の研究)  
  • (1971, 1977) Modern Catholic Thought (現代カトリシズムの思想)
  • (1972) A Theory of Legal Justice (法的正義の理論)
  • (1973) Philosophy of Peace (平和の哲学)
  • (1979) Faith and Reason (信仰と理性)
  • (1979) The Volume 20 of the Intellectual Heritage of the Humanity: Thomas Aquinas (人類の知的遺産. 20 トマス・アクィナス)
    • (1999) Reprinted as Thomas Aquinas (トマス・アクィナス)
  • (1979, 1996, 2007) Thomas Aquinas (トマス・アクィナス <思想学説全書>)
  • (1981) Man in the Bible (聖書のなかの人間)
  • (1981) Philosophy of Habit (習慣の哲学)
  • (1988) The Time for Grace (恵みの時)
  • (1990) Abstraction and Intuition: A Study of Epistemology in later Middle Ages (抽象と直観 中世後期認識理論の研究)
  • (1992) Thomas Aquinas (トマス=アクィナス <新書・人と思想>)
  • (1996) An Introduction to the Theory of Angeels (天使論序説)
  • (1997) A Study of Ethics in Thomas Aquinas (トマス・アクィナス倫理学の研究)
  • (2000) A Study of Theological Language (神学的言語の研究)
  • (2002) God As A Problem: Experience, Existence and God (問題としての神 経験・存在・神)
  • (2003) A Theory of the Foundation of the Human Culture (人間文化基礎論)
  • (2008) Lectures on Empiricism and Experience (講義・経験主義と経験)
  • (2009) Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologiæ (トマス・アクィナス「神学大全」)
  • (2009) Philosophy of Persona (人格《ペルソナ》の哲学)

Articles & Book Chapters in English

  • (1963) "Thomism in Japan" in Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, 37:224-227.
  • (1969) "Scholastic Studies in Japan" in The New Scholasticism, 43 (2):294-300.
  • (1987) "Habitus and Nature in Acquinas" in Studies in philosophy and the history of philosophy. v.17.[3]
  • (1997) "Rinrigaku" in The Review of Metaphysics, 51 (2):459-460.[4]

Translations (to Japanese)

  • Thomas Aquinas, (1977–2012) Summa Theologiea (神学大全): 45 Volumes in Total.; (1958) On Law (法について); and (2012) Being and Essence (A Bilingual Edition) (在るものと本質について ラテン語対訳版)
  • Frederick Copleston,(1968) Thomas Aquinas (トマス・アクィナス)  ソフィア双書10:未來社、1962年/上智大学出版部、
  • Robert Edward Brennan,(1962) General Psychology: A Study of Man Based on St. Thomas Aquinas (人間の研究 トマス的心理学入門)
  • Fernand Van Steenberghen, (1990)An Introduction to Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas
  • Joseph Reiners (1983) The Problem of the Universals in early Middle Ages
  • Pierre Riché, (1994)A Short Biography of St. Bernard 
  • Karl Rahner, (1975) Man, Future and Theology (人間の未来と神学)
  • Alexis Carrel, (1984) The Voyage to Lourdes (ルルドへの旅)
  • Joseph Pieper, (1962) What Is Called For Philosophizing? (哲学するとはどういうことか); (1974) On Love (愛について) ; and (1988) Leisure, the Basis of Culture (余暇と祝祭)
  • Mortimer Jerome Adler, (1997) The Angels and Us (天使とわれら)
  • Étienne Drioton, (1959) Religion of Ancient Orient(Les religions de I'Orient ancien) (古代オリエントの宗教)
  • Régis Jolivet, (1960) God of Philosopher and Savant (哲学者と知者の神)
  • Lon L. Fuller, The Morality of Law (法と道徳)
  • John M. Oesterreicher,(1969) Walls Are Crumbling : Seven Jewish Philosophers Discover Christ (崩れゆく壁 キリストを発見した7人のユダヤの哲学者)
  • Jacques Maritain, (1962) Man and the State (人間と国家)
  • Walter M. Abbott et al., (1973–1976) The Bible Reader