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Bernard Schweizer (né Bernhard Schweizer, 1962-) is a professor of English at Long Island University, Brooklyn.[1] He has published several books and essay collections on topics in British and European literatures. He is a leading Rebecca West scholar and has edited or co-edited a number of Rebecca West’s previously unpublished and uncollected works. In 2003, he founded the International Rebecca West Society in New York[2] and was the second president of the Society.

In 2013, Schweizer founded another scholarly organization, the International Society for Heresy Studies, whose vice-president he currently is.[3] Heresy studies is designed to provide an intellectual platform for philosophers, literary critics, theologians, historians, and artists who are interested in the dialectic between heterodoxy and orthodoxy, and who want to explore dissenting and heretical ideas outside of confessional or anti-religious frameworks.[4] Schweizer is a proponent of sympathetic approaches to heterodox, rebellious ideas expressed in literature and culture, and his most influential book to date, an interdisciplinary work titled Hating God: The Untold Story of Misotheism is devoted to humanists who believe in God yet deny that he is benevolent.

Schweizer is a naturalized American citizen, born in Switzerland. His education included elementary schooling at the Waldorf School in Biel, Switzerland, an apprenticeship in health care, autodidactic study for the federal Swiss baccalaureate, backpacking around the world,[5] two years of college study at the University of Lausanne, a B.A. in English earned at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities Campus), and a Ph.D. in English literature from Duke University in 1997.[6] Schweizer held a teaching and research appointment at the University of Zurich from 1996-1999,[7] he was a research fellow for the Swiss National Science Foundation from 2000-2002, and he joined the faculty of Long Island University in 2002.



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