Bernard Sobel

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Bernard Sobel
Born 1887
Attica, Indiana
Died 1964 (aged 76–77)
New York City
Occupation Author, publicist
Nationality American
Genre Drama

Bernard Sobel (1887–1964) was an American playwright, a drama critic for the New York Daily Mirror, an author of a number of books on theatre and theatre history, and a publicist.


Among his clients were Florenz Ziegfeld, Charles Dillingham, A. L. Erlanger, and Lee, Sam, and Jacob Shubert.[1]

A collection of Bernard Sobel's papers from 1923-1962 is in the possession of the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research of the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

He was born in Attica, Indiana[1] and died in New York City.[2]

Select works[edit]


  • Jennie Knows (1913)
  • Mrs. Bompton's Dinner Party (1913)
  • There's Always A Reason (1913)


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  • Sobel, Bernard (1933), The Indiscret Girl, New York: Grosset & Dunlap, OCLC 24040918 
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