Bernardino Echeverría Ruiz

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Coat of arms of Bernardino Echeverría Ruiz

Bernardino Echeverría Ruiz (born November 12, 1912 in Cotacachi, Imbabura, Ecuador and died on April 6, 2000 in Quito Ecuador) was a Roman Catholic Cardinal.

He joined the Franciscan order in 1928, and was ordained in 1937. He attended the Pontifical University in Rome and obtained a B.A. degree in Philosophy in 1941. Upon graduation he returned to Ecuador and performed many duties for the Franciscan order, started a religious magazine and established houses to care for the poor.

He was a member of the International Academy of Franciscan History and was made a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 1994.

He was a member of the Marian Movement of Priests and provided his imprimatur for Father Stefano Gobbi's book: To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons.

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