Bernese Alps in the wide meaning

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Bernese Alps in the wide meaning
German: Berner Alpen i.w.S.
Finsteraarhorn and surrounding mounts.jpg
Aerial view on the Finsteraarhorn (4275m)
Highest point
Peak Finsteraarhorn
Elevation 4,274 m (14,022 ft)
Coordinates 46°21′15″N 8°07′34″E / 46.35417°N 8.12611°E / 46.35417; 8.12611Coordinates: 46°21′15″N 8°07′34″E / 46.35417°N 8.12611°E / 46.35417; 8.12611
Bernese Alps i.w.s. (section nr. 12) within the Western Alps
Bernese Alps i.w.s. (section nr. 12) within the Western Alps
Country Switzerland
Parent range Alps
Borders on
Orogeny Alpine orogeny

The Bernese Alps in the wide meaning (in German Berner Alpen i.w.S.,[2] in French Alpes Bernoises D.l.s.l.[3]) are a mountain range in the northwestern part of the Alps. They are located in Switzerland.


The range concerns several Swiss cantons: Bern, Vaud, Valais, Lucerne, Uri, Nidwalden and Obwalden.

SOIUSA classification[edit]

According to SOIUSA (International Standardized Mountain Subdivision of the Alps) the range is an Alpine section, classified in the following way:[4]

  • main part = Western Alps
  • major sector = North Western Alps
  • section = Bernese Alps i.t.w.m.
  • code = I/B-12


The range is divided into three subsections:

Notable summits[edit]

Eiger north face
The Diablerets from the Pic Chaussy

Some notable summits of the range are:

Name elevation (m) Alpine subsection
Finsteraarhorn 4,274 Bernese Alps s.s.
Aletschhorn 4,193 Bernese Alps s.s.
Jungfrau 4,158 Bernese Alps s.s.
Mönch 4,105 Bernese Alps s.s.
Schreckhorn 4,080 Bernese Alps s.s.
Fiescherhorn 4,049 Bernese Alps s.s.
Grünhorn 4,043 Bernese Alps s.s.
Lauteraarhorn 4,042 Bernese Alps s.s.
Gletscherhorn 3,983 Bernese Alps s.s.
Eiger 3,970 Bernese Alps s.s.
Äbeni Flue 3,962 Bernese Alps s.s.
Fiescher Gabelhorn 3,876 Bernese Alps s.s.
Doldenhorn 3,643 Bernese Alps s.s.
Dammastock 3,630 Urner Alps
Galenstock 3,583 Urner Alps
Sustenhorn 3,503 Urner Alps
Titlis 3,238 Urner Alps
Les Diablerets 3,210 Vaud Alps
Grand Muveran 3,051 Vaud Alps
Lohner 3,048 Bernese Alps s.s.
Wendenstöcke 3,042 Urner Alps
Sparrhorn 3,021 Bernese Alps s.s.
Torrenthorn 2,998 Bernese Alps s.s.
Dent de Morcles 2,980 Vaud Alps
Eggishorn 2,934 Bernese Alps s.s.

Notable passes[edit]

Furka pass west side

Some notable mountain passes of the range are:

Mountain pass location type elevation
Furka Pass Rhône Glacier to Andermatt road 2436 m 7992 ft
Gemmi Pass Kandersteg to Leukerbad bridle path 2329 m 7641 ft
Mönchjoch Grindelwald to the Eggishorn snow 3560 m 11,680 ft
Jungfraujoch Wengernalp to the Eggishorn snow 3470 m 11,385 ft
Grünhornlücke Great Aletsch Glacier to the Fiescher Glacier snow 3305 m 10,844 ft
Grimsel Pass Meiringen to the Rhone Glacier road 2164 m 7100 ft
Kleine Scheidegg Grindelwald to Lauterbrunnen path, railway 2064 m 6772 ft
Col de Cheville Sion to Bex bridle path 2049 m 6723 ft
Grosse Scheidegg Grindelwald to Meiringen bridle path 1967 m 6454 ft
Brünig Pass Meiringen to Lucerne road, railway 1035 m 3396 ft
Petersgrat Lauterbrunnen to the Lötschental snow 3205 m 10,516 ft
Lötschenlücke Lötschental to the Eggishorn snow 3204 m 10,512 ft
Susten Pass Meiringen to Wassen road 2262 m 7422 ft
Sanetsch Pass Sion to Saanen bridle path 2234 m 7331 ft


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  3. ^ d.l.s.l. = dans le sens large - in English: in the wide sense
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