Bernhard Brænne

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Bernhard Brænne.

Bernhard Cornelius Brænne (November 12, 1854 - September 7, 1927) was a Norwegian factory owner, and a politician for the Conservative Party.[1] He was appointed Minister of Labour in the cabinet of Wollert Konow on 2 February 1910, but then replaced Sofus Arctander as Minister of Trade on 11 June the same year.[2] After the accession of the cabinet of Jens Bratlie on 20 February 1912, Brænne remained in government, again as Minister of Labour, but resigned on 23 August and was replaced by Nils Olaf Hovdenak.[3]

Brænne was also involved in local politics in Trondheim, and was a member of the Norwegian parliament for several periods.[4] The factory that he inherited from his father specialised in textile production.[5]


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