Bernhard Eunom Philippi

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Berhard Eunom Philippi
Bernhard Eunom Philippi (1811–1852).jpg
Bernhard Philippi
Born(1811-09-19)September 19, 1811
DiedSeptember 6, 1852(1852-09-06) (aged 41)

Berhard Eunom Philippi (19 September 1811 in Charlottenburg – 6 September 1852) was a German naturalist, explorer and colonization agent for Chile.


His father was John Wilhelm Eberhard Philippi and his mother Mary Anne Krumwiede. In 1818 the family moved to Switzerland, where Rodolph and his brother Bernhard entered the school of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. Their brother Federico Philippi studied natural sciences and languages. Bernhard Philippi continued his education at the Technical College of Berlin between 1822 and 1830. He did nautical studies on a fellowship at the port of Danzig from 1831 to 1835.

Philippi traveled to South America, where he settled in Chile in 1838, in Ancud. From there he explored the south of the country. Establishing relations with civil authorities, he encouraged the idea of German colonization in Chile.[1] On August 27 of 1848 the Chile government appointed him as colonization agent and he went to Europe to recruit immigrants. In 1851 his brother, the paleontologist and zoologist Rodolfo Armando Philippi, settled in Santiago after an invitation from him. By 1852 Bernhard Philippi was appointed as governor of Magallanes Region.

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