Bernhard Gothic

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Bernhard Gothic
Bernhard Gothic.png
Category Sans-serif
Classification Geometric
Designer(s) Lucian Bernhard
Foundry American Type Founders
Date released 1929 - 30
Re-issuing foundries Intertype
Design based on Futura, Kabel
Also known as Greeting Gothic
Bernhard Gothic sample text

Bernhard Gothic is a family of geometric sans serif typeface designed by Lucian Bernhard in 1929 for the American Type Founders (ATF). Five variations by Bernhard were introduced over two years:

  • Bernhard Gothic Light (1929)
  • Bernhard Gothic Medium (1929)
  • Bernhard Gothic Light Italic (1930)
  • Bernhard Gothic Heavy (1930)
  • Bernhard Gothic Extra Heavy (1930)

A final member of the family, Bernhard Gothic Medium Condensed, was introduced by ATF in 1936, but it is unclear as to who the designer was.[1]

Bernhard Gothic is more organic and less regular than other geometric sans-serif typefaces, including Futura, Kabel, and Twentieth Century, showing influence of Bernhard's earlier more expressionistic faces. It is a "spurless" design, similar to the contemporary Semplicità and Universal Grotesk and more recently FF Dax, in which strokes end without terminals.[2][3] This gives an effect of modernism, detached from handwriting conventions.[2]

Hot Metal Copies[edit]

Intertype's 1936 copy was called Greeting Gothic.[4]

Digital Copies[edit]

Digital copies are available from Elsner+Flake, Font Company, URW++, Berthold, Spiece Graphics, Monotype Imaging and FontHaus.


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