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Bernhard Lauritz Frederik Bang
Born 7 June 1848
Died 22 June 1932 (1932-06-23) (aged 84)
Residence Danish
Fields veterinary
Known for Brucella abortus

Bernhard Lauritz Frederik Bang (7 June 1848 – 22 June 1932), was a Danish veterinarian. He discovered Brucella abortus in 1897, which came to be known as Bang's bacillus. Bang's bacillus was the cause of the contagious Bang's disease (now known as Brucellosis) which can cause pregnant cattle to abort, and causes undulant fever in humans.

Bang was awarded his M.D. in 1880 and began teaching at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen. He later became the director of the College. Bang was a veterinary adviser to the Danish government.

For his contributions to veterinary medicine, he received an honorary doctorate from the Veterinary College of Utrecht in 1921.

Bang is known for his work on:


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