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"You needn't wait for September Morn to show up", a postcard by Wall following the controversy over Paul Chabas' painting September Morn

Bernhardt T. Wall (December 30, 1872 – February 9, 1956) was an American historian and lithographic illustrator. He designed more than 5,000 comic cards, and became known as the "Postcard King".[1] Many were "patriotic" cards, and American "propaganda" cards printed during World War I. After Wall visited Colorado, Nevada and California in 1915, he produced much work of western themes with small towns, Indians and cowboys. Wall worked with a variety of publishers over his career, most notably Valentine & Sons, Bergman, Barton and Spooner, International Art Co., the Illustrated Postal Card Co., Gibson Art Co., and J.I. Austen.


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