Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code

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Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code
Album cover
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series 'Doctor Who'
Release no. 26
Featuring Benny
Written by Eddie Robson
Directed by John Ainsworth
Production code BFPDWCC26
Length 60 mins
Release date January 2010

Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code is a Big Finish Productions audiobook based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. In it, Lisa Bowerman plays Bernice Summerfield.

The Companion Chronicles "talking books" are each narrated by one of the Doctor's companions and feature a second, guest-star voice along with music and sound effects.


While the Seventh Doctor negotiates peace between two worlds, Bernice investigates a forbidden language.



  • This is the first Companion Chronicles story to be performed by a character who never appeared in the television series. Bernice Summerfield was the first companion created for the Virgin New Adventures novels. She was later featured in her own series of novels as well as a long-running series of audio stories starring Lisa Bowerman. Bowerman appeared in Survival, the last story of the original television series, playing a cheetah person named Karra.
  • The Doctor and Benny are alone, Ace having left twice, possibly placing this before Original Sin.

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