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Berniece Inez Gladys Baker (born July 30, 1919) is the half-sister of Marilyn Monroe. She was born in Venice, California.

Their mother Gladys was married three times. By her first husband, "Jap" Baker, Gladys had Berniece and her brother Robert, both born in Los Angeles County, California. Jap kidnapped Berniece and her brother after Gladys divorced him. Berniece grew up in Kentucky, and married Paris Miracle on October 7, 1938; their only child, Mona Rae, was born on July 18, 1939.

Meanwhile, Gladys, after a short time in Kentucky, returned to Los Angeles where she married a second time and eventually gave birth to Marilyn Monroe.

Berniece did not know she had another sibling until she was 19 after receiving a letter from Gladys; they met for the first time in 1944. Berniece worked for many years at the University of Florida. Her and Mona Rae's book, My Sister Marilyn (1994), not only shed new light on their famous relation, but on the family's history of mental illness.


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