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The Berom (sometimes also spelt as Birom) people are an indigenous ethnic group of the Jos Plateau in Nigeria. Within Plateau State, they are concentrated mostly in the local government areas of, Jos South, Jos North, Barkin Ladi (Gwol), and Riyom.[1] They speak the Berom language, which belongs to the large Niger-Congo family of languages. It is not related to the Hausa language (which belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family) as has sometime been claimed by some Hausas of Northern Nigeria.

The Berom people have a rich cultural heritage, which is unique and portray God’s sovereign attributes. They celebrate the Nzem Berom festival annually in March or April. It is one of the major aborigine group in Nigeria (Plateau State) that "totally" looks to or trust God (Dagwi) for its existence, sustenance and history.

The current governor of Plateau State, Jonah David Jang, is a Berom.


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