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Portrait of Street Artist Berriblue
Portrait of Street Artist Berriblue
Born1992 (age 27–28)
NationalityPolish / Irish
Other namesJTB
OccupationStreet Artist, Painter, Designer
Years active8
Known forStreet Art, Fashion Design

BerriBlue (born 1992) is a female street artist, painter and fashion designer based in Porto, Portugal.


BerriBlue grew up in Gdańsk, in northern Poland, and moved to Ireland in 2005 at the age of 13.[1] She attended the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, specialising in fine print.[2] BerriBlue moved to Portugal in 2016,[1] where she started producing street art under the new pseudonym "BerriBlue" and launched a line of illustrated silk scarves.[2]


BerriBlue originally produced street art under the name "JTB".[2][3] In 2012, her work appeared in "Inside Out", an anthology of Irish street art.[4]

BerriBlue's street art work is well known in Porto, dealing with themes such as personal identity, sexuality, mental health, and death.[1] Most of her pieces are pasteups, which are very a common sight in Porto city centre[5] and have also appeared in other European cities. Her "Death" project became very popular in 2016, featuring large black skeleton figures painted, on walls around the city centre.[6]

Painting Through Psychosis
Two men and three women eating potatoes
Year2019 (2019)
MediumPaint and Pastel on Plywood
Dimensions125 cm × 92 cm (49 in × 36 in)
ConditionIn Private Collection

Her studio work deals with the same themes as her street art work. She often works on plywood, brown packing paper and newsprint.[1]

She was recognised by Jornal de Notícias as one of Porto's foremost contemporary female illustrators,[7] and she has exhibited with some of Porto's most popular street artists.[8]

In November 2018, her painting "Two Thousand Five", since sold,[9] was featured in Attitude Magazine's "Talk to Me in Flowers" section.[10]


  • "Tension", 2018, The Vintage Dept., Porto[11][12]
  • "Between Heart and Heaven", 2018, (group show with Hazul and Godmess) DaVinci, Porto[8][12][13]
  • "The Studio", 2014 Filmbase, Dublin[12]
  • "An Exhibition of Prints & Drawings", 2014 The White Lady Gallery, Dublin[12]
  • "JTB", 2012 The Yellow Box, Dublin[12]


In 2016, BerriBlue launched a line of illustrated silk scarves with designs based on her work.[2] Rather than merchandise, she considers them to be an extension of her artwork.[7]

She decided to create this line because her mother, who grew up in India, always had silk scarves and she considers them "magical" sentimental objects.[7][14][14] In 2019, online retailer Wolf & Badger began stocking BerriBlue scarves.[15][16]


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