Berrichon du Cher

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Berrichon du cher sheep

The Berichon du Cher is a domesticated breed of sheep in France. The original breed was crossed with a Merino in the late 18th century. More improvements were made in the 19th century with the introduction of the Dishley Leicester. They are used primarily as a terminal sire. From French stock imported some 40 years ago, British breeders have developed what they regard as a distinct sub-breed which they have named British Berrichon[1]. Breed sales are held five times a year. [2] and 17 of the top agricultural shows, including the Royal Three Counties, the Royal Bath & West, the Royal Highland and England's biggest show, Great Yorkshire Show, hold separate classes for British Berrichons[3]. The British breeders are mainly based in the West from Devon up to Scotland[4]


Both sexes are polled (hornless). This breed has medium wool, displays white and is unicolored.

The rams weigh 110 kg (240 lb) and ewes weigh 70 kg (150 lb) on average. At the withers, rams grow to 73 cm (29 in) and ewes to 68 cm (27 in).[5]


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