Berry Berry Singles

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Berry Berry Singles
Berry Berry Singles.jpg
Compilation album by Nana Kitade
Released November 14, 2007 (Japan)
Genre Rock
Length 54:04
Label Sony Music (Japan)
Nana Kitade chronology
I Scream
Berry Berry Singles

Berry Berry Singles is an album by Nana Kitade, released in November 2007. It is her first compilation album, and it features the singles "Kesenai Tsumi", "Kiss or Kiss", and the single "Antoinette Blue", and more for nine songs total. Also features three bonus tracks including a reworking of "Kesenai Tsumi" and "Alice" with former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman and a cover of Daisy Chainsaw's "Love Your Money". Limited edition includes bonus DVD with documentary footage of Nana's performance in Paris and an interview of her and Marty Friedman.

Track listing[edit]

Track Title Length
01 Kesenai Tsumi 4:17
02 Utareru ame 4:01
03 Hold Heart 4:21
04 Pureness 4:01
05 Kiss or Kiss 3:59
06 Kanashimi no Kizu 4:23
07 Sweet Frozen Kiss 3:44
08 Kibou no Kakera 4:42
09 Antoinette Blue 4:11
10 Love Your Money 2:15
11 Alice: Tsubureta Berry Ver. 5:05
12 Kesenai Tsumi: I Scream Tenpura Ver. 3:57


  • "Antoinette Blue (September 5, 2007)