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Berry Street is an independent Community Service Organisation and Australian charity.[1][2][3] Established in 1877, protecting and caring for children has been the common thread throughout their history. Berry Street’s vision is that all children have a good childhood, growing up feeling safe, nurtured and with hope for the future.

Berry Street provides a diverse range of services across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria, Australia. Among these are;

Community Programs— Berry Street focus on community strengthening especially through working in the early years, financial inclusion and capacity building in rural communities.

Disability Services— Berry Street offer youth outreach programs for young people who have an intellectual disability and very challenging behaviour.

Education— Berry Street run an independent school, with campuses in Noble Park, Shepparton, Ballarat and Morwell, offer an extensive range of education programs, are a Registered Training Organisation and work in mainstream schools. Berry Street has also entered into a partnership with Hands On Learning Australia in Gippsland at Traralgon Secondary College in addition to providing a host of other education related services.[4]

Family Services— Berry Street play a lead role in the delivery of a comprehensive set of services for families suffering from family violence; Berry Street provide support for families facing difficulties and provide contact services for parents who can’t manage safe access arrangements for their children.

Home Based Care— Berry Street relies on volunteer accredited foster carers to help children and young people recover from the trauma of family violence, child abuse and neglect. Carers are supported by Berry Street staff, who work closely with the children and families.

Residential Care—trained and caring staff live with and look after up to 4 young people in our houses across Victoria, supporting children whose traumatic childhood experiences mean they are unable to live with their families.

Therapeutic Services—Berry Street argues that care alone is not enough to help children and young people recover from traumas they have endured. Take Two and other counselling programs aim to work intensively with children and their caring network to help them understand their pain and learn to trust again.

Youth Services— Berry Street youth services include counselling, outreach, life skills, mentoring, accommodation and employment programs.


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