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Bert Greene (October 16, 1923 - June 10, 1988) was a cookbook author and food columnist.[1] He was the food columnist for the New York Daily News from 1979 until his death in 1988.[1] He was born October 16 in New York City.

He co-founded The Store in Amagansett, a gourmet take-out shop on Long Island, New York, in the Summer of 1966, with his then partner, Denis Vaughan and three friends, Jacqueline Allison a fashion illustrator, Ralph Rofheart an art director and advertising executive and his wife, Martha Rofheart a former actress.

His books include Greene on Greens,[1] Honest American Fare, and The Grains Cookbook, all of which won the Tastemaker's Award.

The International Association of Culinary Professionals has a Food Journalism prize named in his honor.[2]



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