Bertha, Queen of Italy

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Bertha (died after 1014) was the wife of Arduin of Ivrea. She was thus margravine of Ivrea and queen of Italy (1002-1014).

Her parentage is unknown, but she is often said to be identical with Bertha of Milan,[1] who was a member of the Obertenghi dynasty. Other scholars suggest that Bertha may have been the daughter of Hubert of Tuscany[2] or of Amadeus (son of Anscar II)[3]

Bertha intervened in eight of Arduin’s royal diplomas,[4] in which she was often called his consors regni (royal consort).[5]

With Arduin, Bertha had three sons:[6]

  • Arduin (sometimes called Ardicino)
  • Otto
  • Guibert.


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