Berto Romero

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Berto Romero
Berto Romero - Kuki Mendoza.jpg
Birth name Alberto Romero Tomás
Born (1974-11-17) 17 November 1974 (age 42)
Cardona, Catalonia
Medium Television
Nationality  Spain
Genres Improvisational comedy, Observational comedy, Topical comedy Dark comedy
Subject(s) Everyday life
Influences Andreu Buenafuente

Alberto Romero Tomás (Cardona, Catalonia, Spain on 17 November 1974), better known as Berto Romero, is a Spanish comedian.


Berto Romero was born on November 17, 1974 in Cardona (Catalonia, Spain). He is a member of theatre company El Cansancio, a broadcaster on Ràdio Flaixbac and he has his own segment on Andreu Buenafuente’s late show on laSexta. He substituted Buenafuente as host of the show during Summer 2008 (the show was re-titled Buenafuente ha salido un momento), and resigned for the next season as assistant director of the programme. Later he got the chance to run his own weekly prime-time weekly (El programa de Berto) on the same channel, but the programme was cancelled after three weeks due to poor rating results.


His first appeared on shows on Catalan channel TV3, where he hosted a show called El gran què. Later he appeared as a stand up comedian in a show produced by El Terrat for private channel 8TV called Que no surti d'aquí.

In 2007, he began appearing in the late night show Buenafuente, first sporadically when the show was still on Antena 3 (where he sang some songs such as "Tunéame Doctor Juan", along with Iván Rodríguez "El lagarto" on guitar) and later on, when Buenafuente got signed up by laSexta, as a main contributor and scriptwriter. He owned a section called "Bertovisión", where he would analyze all media, specially, written articles and where he would also comment the pictures, substituted later on for a news section, along with Andreu Buenafuente. Furthermore, he also participated in "Bertomansión", a project where the viewers would send whatever they did not want or used anymore so he could built a home. Later on, he appeared in some comedy sketches. Unlike his radio and theatre appearances, his TV appearances have always been solo.

Taking advantage of his appearances on the media, in April 2008 he edited his first book along with Xavi Tribó, Cero estrellas ("Zero Stars"), starring a hypothetical critic, Antonín Fajardo, a character born in a radio collaboration on the show La taverna del llop in Ràdio 4.

During the summer of 2008, the channel LaSexta decided that he would be in charge of hosting Buenafuente during the holidays of Andreu Buenafuente, giving him more responsibility as assistant director of the show. During this period, the show was broadcast under the titleBuenafuente ha salido un momento ("Buenafuente will be right back"), where he had some sections such as "Rompe el hielo con Berto" (Break the ice with Berto).

On March 15, 2009, he made his debut as the host of his own talk show, El programa de Berto, produced by El Terrat for laSexta. Nevertheless, the programme was cancelled after only three episodes, since the share was of 3.8%, a number way lower than the average of the channel (6.7% as of March 2009).

On April 22, 2009, he participated briefly on the sketch "El caso del eslabón perdido" in the sketch comedy show Muchachada Nui.

During the season 2009/2010, he started collaborating for the magazine Divendres, broadcast by TV3, a job he combined with his role in Buenafuente.

On October 27, 2009, the TV show Zombis aired on the YouTube channel of El Terrat, starring Berto Romero and Rafel Barceló, scriptwriter for Buenafuente. The show only counts on one season of 9 episodes and since January 28, 2011, it is broadcast by TNT (Spain).

In New Year's Eve 2009, he hosted, along with Ana Morgade, the New Year's Eve Celebration of laSexta, entitled Cómo superar el Fin de Año ("How to get over New Year's Eve"). In New Year's Eve 2010, they were again hosts of El 2011 con Berto y Ana (2011 with Berto and Ana).




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