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The Bertoldo was a biweekly magazine of surreal humour that run from July 14, 1936 to 10 September, 1943 under Italian Fascism. The magazine was based in Milan.[1] While the Becco Giallo magazine put out a courageous political satire against the fascist regime, the reactionary authors of the Bertoldo, like Marcello Marchesi, as well as thise of Marc'Aurelio, developed a kind of surreal humour that was accepted by the regime.[2][3]

There were employee of the best young artists and writers.[4] Among them, for example, popular author Giovannino Guareschi (1908—1968), and Romanian Jewish architect-student (later famous American cartoonist) Saul Steinberg (1914—1999).[5] Giovannino Guareschi edited the magazine from 1936 to 1943.[1]