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Bertolt-Brecht-Literaturpreis (English: "Bertolt Brecht Literature Prize") is a literary award in Augsburg, Germany, birthplace of Bertolt Brecht. It has been awarded every three years since 1995. With a prize of €15,000,[1] it is considered one of the most prestigious literary awards in Germany. It is awarded to writers and personalities "who have distinguished themselves through the critical analysis of the present day in their literary works." The 2006 edition marked the 50th anniversary of the death of Brecht.[2]

Award winners[edit]

Year Recipient
1995 Franz Xaver Kroetz
1998 Robert Gernhardt
2001 Urs Widmer
2004 Christoph Ransmayr
2006 Dea Loher
2010 Albert Ostermaier [de][3]
2013 Ingo Schulze
2016 Silke Scheuermann
2018 Nino Haratischwili[4]


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