Bertrada of Prüm

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Rear of the towers of the Bertradaburg in Mürlenbach, Germany
Bertrada castle in Mürlenbach, named after Bertrada of Prüm

Bertrada (b. ca. 670; d. after 721), also called Berthe or Bertree, is known to be the mother of Charibert of Laon, with whom she is co-founder and benefactor of the Prüm Abbey. They founded the abbey in 721.

Through Charibert's daughter Bertrada of Laon, wife of Pippin the Short, Bertrada is the great-grandmother of Charlemagne. Her husband is unknown for certain, but Settippani believes that he was a son of an Irmina, in turn a daughter of Hugobert, and Chariveus, Count of Laon.

Bertrada and her husband had three children:

  • Hardrad (d. after 720)
  • Charibert of Laon
  • Weta, married Cario.

Three alternative solutions to the question of her parentage have been suggested:

The last two possibilities are not mutually exclusive, and are supported by Settipani.