Bertrand Lake

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Bertrand Lake
Patagonia aerial.jpg
Bertrand Lake and grey-watered Plomo Lake
Region de Aysen-Rios y Ciudades(png).png
Bertrand Lake in the Aysén Region
Coordinates 46°55′S 72°50′W / 46.917°S 72.833°W / -46.917; -72.833Coordinates: 46°55′S 72°50′W / 46.917°S 72.833°W / -46.917; -72.833[1]
Primary inflows General Carrera Lake
Primary outflows Baker River
Basin countries Chile
Surface area 67.5 km2 (26.1 sq mi)[2]
References [1][2]

Bertrand Lake is a Chilean lake located in the Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region. It is separated from Plomo Lake by a terminal moraine and is flanked on the west by the summits of the Cordón Contreras.

The village of Puerto Bertrand is located at the southern tip of the lake, where Baker River originates.


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