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The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation was established in 1963. The foundation aims to continue the work of the philosopher and activist Bertrand Russell in the areas of peace, social justice, and human rights, with a specific focus on the dangers of nuclear war. Its director was Ken Coates.

Spokesman Books is the publishing imprint of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation[1] and publishes books on politics, peace and disarmament, and history. The Spokesman is the journal of the BRPF, which reached its 100th issue in August 2008.


  • Ken Coates and Tony Topham, Participation or Control? (1967)
  • Jo O'Brien, Women's Liberation in Labour History (1972)
  • After the Chilean Coup (1973)
  • Salvador Allende, Chile: No More Dependence! (1973)
  • Ken Coates, Democracy in the Labour Party (1977)
  • Ken Coates and Tony Topham, The Shop Steward's Guide to the Bullock Report (1977)
  • Peter Jenkins, Where Trotskyism Got Lost (1977)
  • Alan Roberts and Zhores Medvedev, Hazards of Nuclear Power (1977)
  • Brian Sedgemore, The How and Why of Socialism (1977)
  • Michael Barratt Brown et al., ed., Full Employment (1978)
  • Berufsverbote Condemned (1978)
  • Trident - Nuclear Proliferation the British Way (2008)
  • Obama's Afghan Dilemma (2008)
  • Democracy Old and New (2008)
  • Tskhinvali: Shock and Awe (2008). ISBN 9780851247571. Edited by Ken Coates, with contributions from Gareth Peirce, Moazzam Begg, Vladimir Putin, Mahmoud Darwish, Saifedean Ammous, Stephen F. Cohen, Andrew Mackinlay MP, Mahmoud Darwish, Jean Zigler, James Petras, Mike Cooley, Trevor Griffiths and Ann Talbot.

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