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Depiction of Bertrude

Bertrude, Countess of Vermandois (c. 582–618 or 619) was a Countess of Vermandois and a Frankish queen consort from 613 to 618. She was married to Chlothar II.[1]

Her origins are uncertain and unconfirmed; however, it is known that the Mayor of the Palace Erchinoald was King Dagobert I’s cousin through his mother, making her the sister of Saint Gerberge and, therefore, a daughter of Richomer and Saint Gertrude of Hamage. Because Chlothar had three wives (Haldetrude, Bertrude, and Sichilde)[2] and it is not known which was mother of his sons Dagobert I and Charibert II, it is not clear this daughter of Richomer was Bertrude. It is also possible Bertrude was a daughter of Wagon II.

According to the Chronique du Pseudo-Frédégaire, Bertrude loved Chlothar sincerely. She was also described as a popular queen. She is reported to have exposed and prevented an attempted plot by the Burgundian Aletheus, who planned to kill Chlothar and force Bertrude to marry him.[2]

Bertrude died during the 35th year of Chlothar II’s reign, in either 618 or 619. Their daughter was called Bertha.


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